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About us
Headquartered in Bangalore, India, PavLin Inc. provides marketing and distribution services in the Pharmaceutical/FMCG line of business: managing the entire cycle from production to servicing the final consumer in the Domestic industry
PavLin Inc has tie ups with companies such as McLaren Biotech Pvt Ltd. which is a 30 year old Pharmaceutical company manufacturing over 200 products with a wide range from ointment based products, gels, liquids and to powdered oriented medicines. PavLin Inc creates a unique marketing strategy for such companies and caters to assist best market capture for its client’s products.
PavLin Inc has also made its mark by bidding for government tenders on behalf of its clients and has successfully won tenders in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu multiple times; thus creating a strong hold for its client’s products in the South Indian market.
Most recently PavLin Inc has ventured into the FMCG industry, the production of personal care products by launching a liquid and gel-based Hand sanitizer named New-Clear, which will be in line with personal hygiene. We also do contract manufacturing of Aerosol products and have a strong distribution network in modern trade outlets in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
PavLin Inc has a range of FMCG products such as Male Deodorants, hair oil, disposable briefs, under pads, Adult diapers, all of which are under contract manufacturing. PavLin Inc also has a strong range of products in the healthcare industry ranging from basic necessities such as surgeon gowns, face mask, hand gloves to external based liquid medicines, all of which are either imported or manufactured in our GMP plant in Hosur.
PavLin Inc has plans of expansion in the pipe line. We are looking to have our distribution and marketing branches setup in most of the major cities in India and in the international market as well. PavLin Inc always commits to quality, better customer service and sustainable growth in order to cater to the needs of the ever changing market environments and the varied client base.