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Pharma / Surgical Products

Surgeon Gowns Shoe Cover Mask Antibacterial Face Mask Gloves

Bouffant caps / Nurse Caps Surgeon Caps Disposable underpads Adult Diapers

Treklite Industrial Safety Shoes


 Hand Disinfectant        

Surgeon gowns

Two types:

Surgeon’s gown non sterile 130 x 150 cms, Tie straps.

  • Made up of special high non absorbent material.

  • Blood, water & chemical resistant.

  • PP gown 40 GSM or Laminated PP+ PE Fluid repellent gown.

  • SMS Fluid repellent gown 50 GSM.


Shoe Cover


Available in Plastic and non woven                                                      


2-ply face mask

  • 25 GSM

  • Disposable Non-woven 2ply face mask,                                    

  • Head elastic type and Lace tie,

  • Standard size,

  • Color: Green & Blue.


3 ply antibacterial face mask

  • 25 GSM

  • Disposable Non-woven 2ply face mask,                                     

  • Head elastic type and Lace tie,

  • Standard size,

  • Color: Green & Blue.



Latex examination gloves                                                                        

Low powdered.


Bouffant caps / nurse caps

  • 20 gms spun bond PP

  • Non-woven material, with an elastic band around the rim.

  • Checks shedding operation.

  • Color: Green & Blue.


Surgeon caps

  • 25 gms spun bond PP, non-woven

  • Elastic strip stitched on the back of the cap for proper grip 

    on the forehead
  • Checks shedding of micro organisms during operation

  • Color: Blue, White and Green.


Disposable underpads

  • 60 cms x 90 cms.

  • Material: Anti-leakage PE film, imported fluff pulp,                     

    soft non-woven, SAP with high absorption.
  • Gel Technology.


Adult diapers

  • Medium Size: 65-120 cms, 25-47 inches                                                                                    

  • Super absorbent core

  • Wetness indicator

  • Leg gathers.

Hand Disinfectant

Area of Applications

New Clear  solutions is extensively used as a ready  to  use alcohol based sanitizing solutions a product  that does away with the use of water and wash basin .It finds it way to all areas of high infection and possible germ-attacks. lt finds its presence felt not only in healthcare industry but also while traveling and in home dialysis, besides:

  • Treatment wards and out-patient rooms.
  • Operation theatres, |CU's & casualty departments.
  • Ambulances
  • Laboratories and diagnostic centers.
  • Hospitals and canteen kitchens.
  • Home dialysis and home care nursing of infirm patients, elderly and babies.
Stability / Shell Life

36 months from the date of opening the tightly closed bottles

Availability/ Packing:
Available in 5-litre container, 500 ml, 100 ml.
Treklite Industrial Safety Shoes